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Book Reviews

Dic 2018

Curso: CS50

The application allows you to register as a user, search for a book among the 5000 loaded in the database and save a review about it. It connects to the Goodreads API to bring information about the selected book.

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Sitio Personal

Feb 2020

The source code for this site. I decided to try Nextjs as a framework for projects with React together with TailwindCSS.

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Dic 2020

Final project for my Systems Analyst degree. It is far from being productive but it certainly helped me to put into practice most of the knowledge I have of Django, database design and Docker as a development environment.

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Nov 2018

Financial calculator for fixed terms and loans. Allows you to save clients and and match them with the requested loans or fixed terms. One of my first projects made with HTML, CSS and pure Javascript.

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React-Redux Blog

Sep - Dic 2019

This app allows you to create, comment and delete simple posts as well as give likes. The frontend is made with Semantic UI; state is handled with Redux and routing with React-Router. It also contains some E2E tests with Cypress.

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React-GraphQL Library

Ene 2020

Application that simulates a very simple library. Allows you to authenticate and load books, categorize them and filter them by genre. The idea was to get acquainted with GraphQL concepts.